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packaging and fulfillment services
Aspen Duplication offers a complete range of media packaging and fulfillment shipping solutions.  We can assemble and store your completed CD, DVD, or video product and ship directly to your distributors or end customers as needed.
fulfillment shipping services

Order Processing and Handling.......$1.00 per shipment

Includes pulling completed units from inventory and boxing for safe shipment. Generating shipping labels, packing slips, or other manifest information.

Shipping Cartons.........$.75 to $1.75 each

Padded bubble mailers and corrugated cartons
Various sizes available

Data Entry......................$.50 per shipment

Date entry of faxed or emailed order information to generate shipping documents and process shipment

Actual Shipping Charges.....$ (actual cost)

We have excellent rates for shipping via UPS, Fed-Ex, or USPS

Inventory Storage...$15.00/month/pallet

Secured storage of assembled products and raw materials.
Pallet size is approximately 5' x 5' x 6'

For questions or additional information regarding our fulfillment shipping services, please email your request to:

packaging only services

Aspen Duplication provides both automated and hand assembly for all types of CD, DVD, and VHS packaging needs. We can also assist in packaging only services for products that were replicated at other locations. For more information, or pricing for packaging only projects, please email your request to: